With his guest ‘stars’ Petula Clark, Shirley Maclaine, Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra, Mark put on a truly entertaining night. He has the same dry and silly wit of Dino, so can easily go off script to react to the audience just like the original. He also has the voice, looks and mannerisms of Dean spot on. I hope the show will tour the UK again soon…

Paul Phear, Magic 105.4

Mark Adams steals the show as a hugely likeable Dino.

The Daily Telegraph

Mark Adams captures the shamble drunkenness of Dean Martin as well as the hauntingly resonant voice that was slurred round the edges.

The Daily Mirror

Mark Adams’ Dino has all the right notes.

London Evening Standard

‘If Mark Adams was not Mark Adams. he would probably be Dean Martin; he had the look, the cheek, the moves and obviously relishes a cigarette or three! The resemblance was so strong that all he needed to do was to walk on the stage to receive a huge cheer.’

Etholle Pegrum for BBC Essex Footlights.

‘His comic instincts make him far and away the most assured and fluid performer of the three.’

Financial Times

‘Adams provides most of the comedy, as the drunken Dean Martin.’….
‘Indeed the show is at its most vibrant and memorable whenever he takes to the stage, with renditions of Volare and That’s Amore more likely to get the audience singing along, than anything else, and his drunken tomfoolery, couple with his insatiable flirting, seldom failing to generate a laugh.’….
‘What he lacks in terms of looks (compared to Martin), he more than makes up for with charisma.’ 2003